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Traditional Design

Six hardwood frames adorn this traditional cab interior. The m6 offers the luxurious feel of wood with the durability of plastic laminate. Accent reveals and base is provided in your choice of laminate, stainless steel, or bronze.

Elevated Design Group system is an ideal solution for cab interior renovations, elevator projects, and new cab installations. Our product experts work with architects, designers, general contractors, property managers and elevator contractors to turn creative visions into tangible reality.

Portfolio Item

A special post type

Quince comes with special portfolio post type that can be used for creating portfolio. Portfolio post is completely customizable and allows any layout. Featured images can be used as boxed or full width headers for faster creation.

Services Provided

Elevated Design Group fabricates and supplies elevator interior packages for cab interior remodels.

classic cab interior featuring ten hardwood frames separated by a stainless steel handrail bar for added aesthetic beauty. The classic series is the most popular model in our wood panel series and is a great choice for those seeking a more traditional look.

Classic Styles

Create in minutes

Create classic portfolio layouts with modern touch. Filtering, pagination, lightbox and many other features are available. Select any column layout style and choose from varoius hover effects.

If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Special Effects

Our wide range of custom elevator cab solutions allow customers to meet both aesthetic desires and budget requirements. We work with architects and designers to turn their creative vision into reality. With Elevated Design Group, there are endless possibilities for your cab design.

Advanced Types

Creative Freedom

You can create any portfolio layout you want, from masonry or full screen to one column style. You can create unlimited custom styles and choose from tons of options. You can also use pre-made skins and modify them later.