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Digital Signage

new age digital media platform for elevator cabs.

Elevated Design Group products is the User Interface of the elevator. The digital signage product brings elevator notice board into the 21st century. Customized top of the line LCD screens backed by powerful media players and software suites ensure the suignage suits any need.

All digital signage system come with software to create powerful digital signage for any content. Using either pre-defined templates or start from scratch, the easy to use software will get you up and running in no time. No ongoing service or licensing fees.

Portfolio Item

A special post type

Quince comes with special portfolio post type that can be used for creating portfolio. Portfolio post is completely customizable and allows any layout. Featured images can be used as boxed or full width headers for faster creation.

Special Effects Signage

Revolutionize cabs with our FX Signage system

We provide a motion-based, digital design solution, which turns an elevator screen into an exciting, user experience oriented, virtual window.

Classic Styles

Create in minutes

Create classic portfolio layouts with modern touch. Filtering, pagination, lightbox and many other features are available. Select any column layout style and choose from varoius hover effects.

Advanced Types

Creative Freedom

You can create any portfolio layout you want, from masonry or full screen to one column style. You can create unlimited custom styles and choose from tons of options. You can also use pre-made skins and modify them later.